Quick Guide to Reading a Reviewaka




To get the most out of reading a reviewaka, keep in mind the following points . . .

Line 1 usually represents the setting: the physical location and/or time period or, sometimes, just the general situation or circumstance that encompasses the story.  Line 1 must contain exactly five syllables.

Line 2 typically represents the character(s) of the story.  This line must contain exactly seven syllables.

Line 3 usually represents the plot or major theme(s) within the story.  Line 3 must contain exactly five syllables.

Lines 4 & 5 represent the book reviewer’s personal opinion of the book.  Sometimes line 4 and/or line 5 will contain additional information about the book itself if needed.  Lines 4 & 5 must both contain exactly seven syllables.

Also take note of the fact that the word at the end of a line MAY also refer to the first word in the following line in order to add more information about the book within the very limited structure allowed.

For more detailed information about the reviewaka as well as its genesis, please click here.

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